„Nie obraź się, ale / Don’t be offended, but” by @kasianski
Project webstie: nieobrazsieale.pl

Each of us has read something on social media that hurts.
The internet is full of examples of the enormous pressure women exert on one another.
It was an inspiration to create a book that explores the topic of pressure and hate on the Internet. Using the statements of the creators and psychology, sociology and history experts, "Don’t be offended, but" examines where the pressure comes from, how exorbitant expectations arise, how hate influences its recipients and how to deal with it. Conversations and essays alternate with real comments full of unwanted and negative advice.

Cover, book and promo set design: @gosiastolinska
Co-creator: @natalia_o_okresie
Esseys, interviews: @kasiagandor @mama_psycholog_dzieciecy @redlipstickmonster @cialopozytyw_polska @zofia.krawiec @billie_sparrow @paulina.inaczej @hania.es @jola_szymanska @nishka_movie @rytka__ @kulturaseksualna @janina.daily @kosmosdladziewczynek

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Promo set: tape pattern design, poster, pin. 
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